Are you interested in venturing into poultry farming especially within kenya? Are you an existing poultry farmer and you would want to enhance your skills in the field of poultry farming in order to increase your productivity? Then we at Neochicks are here for you. We have very many material and notes prepared just for you, and the good thing is that we give you for free!! Yes, I said FREE!!  No string attached. Our objective is to make Kenya the best poultry farming Nation in the world. To download various notes and materials on poultry farming and also get valuable information and tips on chicken farming in east Africa and mostly in Kenya, please click on the below links:-


1.) kienyeji farming notes
2.) Poultry Farming WordPress Blog
3.) Eggs Incubators information
4.) Neochicks incubators Google Site
5.) Neochicks Poultry facebook
6.) Neochicks Poultry Twitter

9 thoughts on “Notes

  1. Hallo neochicks team.

    I must congratulate you for the good work you are doing & Im impressed after watching you on Tv. Im the agribusiness officer at Equity bank, Tala branch (kangundo). I interact a lot with farmers’ groups and I would highly appreciate your notes on alternative poultry (quals,ostrich) and any other material you have in soft copy so that I can train more farmers. Kindly send them to me through the above address. Thanks in advance.

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