About Us


Neochicks Poultry Limited is a kenyan based company that has been offering all poultry related solutions ranging from eggs incubators, fertile eggs, Poultry chicks, free trainings on Kienyeji Farming, guinea fowl farming, goose and all other rare birds in Kenya. We also provide a large market for various products from poultry farmers.

We understand that our customers need a complete solution and we believe that they should be provided with all that they need in order to help them venture in poultry business hassle free. Therefore hold the customers hand right from the start and before we even sell our products, we offer free training services on various types of poultry farming since we want to make sure that farmers get the best out of their investment.


We know that all business ventures require a certain amount of effort and involve a certain level of risks. Our sole objective is to make sure that you are mitigated from all form of risks and at the same time we ensure that you get the maximum benefits from your investments. In order to achieve this and in order to improve service delivery, we have partnered with various stake holders including the ministry of agriculture, Kenya wildlife service, veterinary doctors, agricultural experts and officers and various large scale markets.


Free Training

We believe that knowledge is God given and it should be shared freely. The first thing we do when we meet with the customers is to make sure that they are well informed on all details and requirements that are needed in various sectors of poultry farming. We hold training sessions and we also provide simple and comprehensive notes on poultry farming, guinea fowl farming, kenbro, kienyenji farming, layers and broiler farming in kenya. We also invite farmers for practical sessions in our farms.


After we make sure you have all the necessary information, provide various products that you need in order to get started at affordable prices. The following are the products that we have:

-Eggs incubators

-Fertile eggs (Improved kienyeji, Layers eggs, Broiler eggs, guinea fowls, peacock, ostrich, kenbro, dolep, kienyeji etc)

-Chicks (All types of high quality chicks including Improved kienyeji, Layers eggs, Broiler eggs, guinea fowls and Dolep )

-Feeds (Highly nutritious chick mash, starter mash, growers, finisher, layers mash and much more)

-Brooders lamps

-Advanced feeders and drinkers

And many more.

white and brown eggs

Fertile Kienyeji Eggs


Neochicks 60 eggs incubator


We ensure that our customers get the best from their poultry farming projects. We therefore do our best to research on the current market opportunities and then connect our customers to these markets. Our market base extend beyond East Africa and we have a large export market and we ensure that our esteemed customers are never stranded with their products.

Follow ups

We value and treasure our customers so much and our relationship with them extends beyond after they buy our products. We do follow ups on how they are doing their farming and we even send agricultural experts to their farms just to monitor their progress.

We are located at Corner House, 4th floor. Corner house is just next to Hilton hotel, Nairobi

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  2. Dear Neochicks

    I’m interested in making a purchase of one of your machines with expected delivery point in Kampala. Could you please guide me through the whole process?
    Many thanks.

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