Kuroiler Farming

Poultry farming in Kenya has recently been making remarkable strides towards achieving the best returns on investments. We have witnessed a major shift especially regarding the breeds that poultry farmers in Kenya are rearing. Among the various breeds that have found their to the farmers is the Indian Kuroiler Chicken. The Indian Kuroilers, as its name suggests, originally came from India. It was first exported to Uganda where is gained huge popularity among the Ugandan farmers. Then the Kenyan farmers got the wind about it and they started importing Kuroiler chicks, Fertilized Kuroiler eggs and even breeding Kuroiler cocks from Uganda. Nowadays, the pure Kuroiler chicks and fertile eggs are readily available from several farmers in Kenya among them being Neochicks Poultry Limited.

One day old kuroiler chicks

One day old kuroiler chicks

The Kuroiler chicken is largely preferred because of its weight and also its rate of maturity. If well fed, the Kuroiler chicken can weigh between 5 and 7 Kilograms. Its meat is of high quality and contains minimal fat in it. In terms of laying, Kuroiler hens can lay between 22 and 26 eggs in a month. This makes it a much better layer than the local Kienyeji chicken. Also, Kuroiler chicken is quite resistant to diseases. It can also do well in almost any climatic conditions. These and other many advantages make Kuroiler Chicken breed to be among the most popular poultry breeds that is being preferred by the Kenyan Poultry Farmers.

Kuroiler Chicken

Kuroiler Chicken

One thought on “Kuroiler Farming

  1. I would like to start a pourtly farm of kuroilers plz advice on the capital space feeding, source of chicks, care and biulding a cage

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