New ways of poultry farming

Technology have had a great impact on almost every corner of our lives. The has been a lot of inventions that have taken place in the last 50 years. In fact, the current age is arguably and correctly referred to as the technological age or more specifically, the digital age. We have witnessed various and advanced technological breakthroughs in various sectors and aspects of human beings ranging from military breakthroughs, infrastructure, in the field of medicine and health, agricultural field and so much more.

Nowadays, you do not have to rely on your hens in order to hatch your chicks. The old way of using hens to incubate for eggs has proved to be quite uneconomical since a hen can only incubate a limited number of eggs, say 10 to 15. Another disadvantage of this method is that a hen can only incubate eggs after a certain period of time and a farmer has to wait for the hen to start brooding. This means that the farmer can not be in a position to expand his stock as he wishes since he is out of control as far as the hen’s brooding time is concerned.

To solve the above problem, farmers who are keen on getting the best results from their poultry farming ventures should us eggs incubators to hatch their chicks. Neochicks poultry limited has embarked on a country wide program to distribute highly subsidize automatic eggs incubators that are very efficient. Now the farmer does not have to wait for his or her hens to start brooding in order to hatch chicks. He can hatch any number of chicks at any given time. The Neochicks incubators have the common farmers in mind since they have a very low power consumption meaning that the power bills for farmers wont soar to unmanageable levels.

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