Poultry farming, A sure way to become a millionaire

Kari Improved Kienyeji and Kuroiler Farming

The introduction of Improved Kienyeji Chicken rearing by the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute in the year 2011 and introduction of the Indian Kuroiler in Kenya have given a new face to Poultry Farming in kenya. Kienyeji farming in Kenya has been quite a widespread type of poultry farming that is mainly found over the rural and semi rural areas. However, in the recent past, it has found its way among some urban areas although is yet to be absorbed fully as a part of mainstream sources of income in the urban areas. The name KIENYEJI is a local Swahili whose English equivalent is ‘Free range’.

There are various methods on how Kienyeji chicken rearing in kenya is practiced:

In free range conditions, the birds are not confined and can look for food over an extended open area. Makeshift shelters may be provided in order to protect the birds from severe whether conditions. The birds may wander around usually in liter collection areas trees and nests in the bush.
The flock contains may contain birds of different breeds and varying ages and it usually hard to control inbreeding.

In this case the stocking density should not exceed 1000 birds in one hectare for its good to note that hundred birds will require 0.4 hectares of land.
For more info, visit http://neochickspoultry.com/kienyeji-farming/

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